NIcholas Yale for AvenueWest Arizona Property Owner Testimonial Video

November 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Nicholas Yale

Nicholas Yale: My experience with Avenue West has been fantastic. Meghan really knows what they're doing and, from start to finish, the job is always to perfection, which is what you want as an investor. And it is very, very easy. I wish I had multiple properties with them.

Nicholas Yale: Using AvenueWest for our furnished rental properties is seamless. They handle everything from paying all of the bills to taking care of the move-ins and move-outs and taking care of HOA issues, taking care of repairs. It really is one of the easiest rental properties that we own and we highly recommend them. We tell all of our clients to use them, not just because of their professionalism but because they take good care and they're good stewards of all of our properties, cannot recommend them more.

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