Neal Porter for AvenueWest Arizona Property Owner Testimonial Video

August 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Neal Porter

Could you describe your experience working with AvenueWest?

Neal Porter: Hi my name is Neil Porter and I'm a homeowner down in Arizona. And I've worked with AvenueWest since 2017. I think my experience has actually been really good with AvenueWest. First and foremost they do what they say they're going to do, which is worked very hard to keep the unit rented and at rental prices that I mean I've had decent and consistent rental income throughout these five years, even during the pandemic. I would also say they maintained my unit very well. I happened to actually stay in my unit for the first time just a few weeks ago after having worked with AvenueWest for more than four years, and it felt like the unit was brand new. It was immaculate. The refrigerator was immaculate, the bathroom was immaculate. And so I do think it's very well maintained. So the value of my property is being sustained. I think finally what I would say is I think a real test came early in my relationship with AvenueWest about their approach to the work and the seriousness in which they they view their role and their business. One of my earliest tenants unintentionally damaged my property and I got a call immediately. I was communicated with in a very direct and straightforward and professional, factual way and we immediately worked together to start remediation in terms of repairing the damage that had been done to my unit. That happened very quickly. AvenueWest took care of the tenant at the time to relocate her while my unit got repaired and then I think most importantly for several months afterwards, AvenueWest was very tenacious in recovering all costs from the employer of the tenant costs that the employer was reluctant to cover. But AvenueWest, without really prompting from me, made every effort to recover those costs and was successful. So I was really grateful and impressed at the level of detail and tenacity and professionalism they they exhibited during a really unfortunate time.

How are your interactions with the team at AvenueWest?

Neal Porter: I would describe my interactions with AvenueWest as a very responsive, both primarily by email but also as needed, either by phone and occasionally in in person. And I feel I am being communicated with clearly, and professionally, and the questions that I have are always answered very efficiently, and without ambiguity. So I have appreciated that open, direct and prompt communication.

Would you recommend working with AvenueWest?

Neal Porter: I would recommend working with AvenueWest if you are interested in renting out your property in the Arizona market. I think the team at AvenueWest really understands the market in greater Phoenix as well as Tucson in terms of understanding trends in corporate housing in general, but also new employers or expanding employers in the region. Also, I think they have a really good understanding of new developments that are being constructed in both markets as well and can provide good advice as to what would make a good rental unit and how to prepare a unit that you want to put on the market for renting, how to do that as best as possible. I think they're very professional and as I mentioned earlier, I think that they do what they say they're going to do in terms of working very hard to keep your [property] very well maintained but also rented to the maximum extent possible.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Neal Porter: I think the only other thing I might say in addition is that my experience has been so good that I I am considering looking into additional properties in the Arizona market that I might purchase and then try to rent out through AvenueWest in the corporate housing market, whether that be in greater Phoenix or in greater Tucson. I keep friends and family informed about how my current unit is doing and in that description I'm always mentioning to friends and family that the name of the company that I've been working with with, which has been AvenueWest, and I've told everybody that I've had a good experience in that I would recommend that if they are considering something similar that they reach out to AvenueWest as well.

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