Cindy and Wayne Minks for AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Video Testimonials

November 09, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Cindy and Wayne Minks, AvenueWest Colorado Springs Owners

Cindy and Wayne Minks: What I love about being an AvenueWest franchise owner is that there's already systems in place of how to do things, accounting of work how to do things. So you don't really have to invent the wheel, everything is done and there's a good team behind us that are in the background working and doing the marketing and PR work so you can concentrate on the day-to-day business

Cindy and Wayne Minks: What do we do better than anybody else? Frankly, we do everything better than everybody else. We do corporate housing better. We do short term housing better. We do customer service better than anybody else. We answer calls, we take care of issues. We have a very quick 24 hour, "get back to it" service. Unless we have an emergency then we're right on it. So when it comes to corporate housing and short term leasing AvenueWest does it better than anybody else.

Cindy and Wayne Minks: Wayne and I were the first franchise owners with AvenueWest in Colorado Springs. So we've seen a lot of changes, a lot of growth and it's been a great journey and a great opportunity for us to learn to work with groups and other franchise owners and we all pull together and be successful.

Cindy and Wayne Minks: We had a goal to acquire 12 properties and we have 11. So we, we've almost reached our goal. It's been a great opportunity for us and it's allowed us to create like a lifestyle, a living, a future and a legacy. And so it's been an awesome journey

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