Nick Streeter - WFH - FB

March 26, 2022

Working from home life of an employee, Facebook version.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Streeter, Social Media Coordinator, AVB Marketing

What's your favorite drink that gets you through the workday?

Nick Streeter: I definitely need a lot of caffeine to get me through the day. I'm not a coffee guy, so it's either an energy drink or a soda, and if I'm feeling crazy, I'll mix in a water from time to time.

How do you stay inspired when working from home?

Nick Streeter: I think day in and day out, I'm inspired by the members we work with, ya know. It can be definitely hard to stay inspired and stay motivated and energized when working from home. Um, but honestly, we can't afford to have off days because these members are counting on us to provide them with services that are integral to their business. So they're the ones that keep me going. They're the ones that keep me inspired.

Do you have any pets that hang out with you throughout the day?

Nick Streeter: I do have pets that hang out with me during the day. Um I have three cats and a dog, so it's typically a rotating cast of who's hanging out in here at what time on their certain schedules that they abide by. It's a whole thing, but this is Flora right here. She hangs out with me most of the time. She loves hanging out at my desk and making herself known during a meeting. So yes, I love my pets and they help me. They help me throughout the day.

How do you maintain community with your colleagues when working from home?

Nick Streeter: Maintaining community can definitely be a struggle when working from home. It's easy to feel like, you know, like you're isolated or you're on an island by yourself. Um, so I think during meetings, especially, it's important to start them off with things like, um what did you do this weekend? How's your family? Do you have anything exciting planned for the week? Those little things about their personal life, I think helps keep people in touch and keep people connected. It's easier to work as a team when you feel connected on a personal level like that with your colleagues.

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