Dealer Success

August 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you work with AVB Marketing.

Hello. I'm Darryl Haslet senior vice president. Marketing & merchandising with Dick Van Dyke Appliance World We were asked why do we use a AVB marketing? Well, there's several simple answers. One, as a member of AVB Were considered an owner as are all AVB members. And we want to reinvest in our own group. Our own company that includes AVB Marketing. Two, their digital presence is second to none. They're always well ahead of everyone else in that, in that realm of digital advertising. Uh you can see this through our website, the different promotions and landing pages. They create their always on the cutting edge of the next big thing when it comes to online and in store promotions. Uh three if you look at using a third party, you would have to get all of your rebates, especially exclusive rebates to them and ask them to plan those promotions for you, including any financing through Citibank uh Where as using AVB marketing there are they are already familiar with all of those promotions and they can plan well ahead uh for us and I don't have to worry about that. It's already almost turnkey and four, they really operate their business the way I want to operate my own business and our account executive and our linq specialist. They know kind of where we want to head and they're already planning those steps, they're going to do. I'm going to ask them and talk about and they're thinking the same way I'm thinking. So they make it very simple and easy to use. So the better question is why wouldn't we use AVB marketing?

How has AVB Marketing helped you in terms of saving time and growing your business?

How has AVB Marketing helped us save time and grow our business? That's easy since they handle all of our digital advertising. It's really simply turnkey. They present the ideas to us, we can approve it or ask for some changes to be made, They handle all the backend work and once we approve it, they get it up and running within the time span that it needs to run. And since a lot of those are our own exclusive rebates and it's our Citibank promotion BrandSource card promotions that all works together. So it makes it very seamless and very little work on our end uh, to get anything done. So that saves us time. And as a result of their effective advertising, especially digital advertising, we've seen our business grow facebook alone. The add to carts on there has grown exponentially as a result of the digital advertising. We've done with AVB marketing.

What has been the main impact of using AVB Marketing ad programs?

What has been the main impact of using AVB marketing programs? For us, an increase in business and an increase in profit! Another one which isn't a bad thing. We've seen our business grow on facebook online. Uh It's the number of sales. The areas that we've been able to reach A broader area that we've been able to reach digitally has improved significantly as a result, using AVB marketing ads. Um It makes us more promotional. People see our name out there more and in turn, it's helped to grow our business.

What advice would you give a BrandSource retailer who is not yet using AVB Marketing?

What advice would I give a BrandSource retailer who's not currently using AVB marketing? Why wouldn't you? Check out the cost to use AVB Marketing and compare it to a third party. Check out the simplicity of it. They already know all the exclusive AVB rebates the Citibank card promotions and makes a turnkey for you. Plus it's the best way to grow your business is to reinvest in your own business. That's exactly what you're doing and use AVB marketing. It's your company, your marketing company. Reinvest in your own company to help grow your business. It's simpler, easier and it will cost you less money. Why wouldn't you use maybe marketing?

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