Rachel Kanonchoff Shoutout - IG

March 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel Kanonchoff, Client Services Manager, AVB Marketing

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or into the future?

Rachel Kanonchoff: I would have to say though, I would go back in time just because there are so many different things that are you know, either lost to history, lost to time...

Rachel Kanonchoff: Um Part of the other side of that is I don't want to spoil the future.

You were recently nominated for a shoutout by your colleagues. What motivates you each day?

Rachel Kanonchoff: Mhm. I am motivated every single day by the people that I work with. So both internally with my team, at AVB Marketing...

Rachel Kanonchoff: And I'm also super motivated by working with members directly and seeing their success and seeing what they're doing in their communities and how they're having a bigger impact than just their business.

Would you rather have neon hair or have a gold tooth?

Rachel Kanonchoff: Um, A gold tooth would be a really big commitment, so I don't think I would be totally on board with that, but, you know, some hot pink hair I think I could handle.

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