Rachel Kanonchoff Shoutout - FB

March 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel Kanonchoff, Client Services Manager, AVB Marketing

Rachel Kanonchoff: Hi my name is Rachel Kannonchoff and I'm a Client Services Manager at AVB Marketing.

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or into the future?

Rachel Kanonchoff: This was a hard one... I would have to say though, I would go back in time just because there are so many different things that are you know, either lost to history, lost to time. I would want to go see some of the

Rachel Kanonchoff: Part of the other side of that is I don't want to spoil the future. I think that there's a lot of joy in the discovery and so to go forward into seeing what would come next, would kind of spoil the fun.

You were recently nominated for a shoutout by your colleagues. What motivates you each day?

Rachel Kanonchoff: Mhm. I am motivated every single day by the people that I work with. So both internally with my team at AVB Marketing, I think they're absolutely fantastic people. They are bright and funny and clever and just really fantastic in their interactions with our members, how they're supporting them and making each of those people that they interact with so much more successful. And I'm also super motivated by working with members directly and seeing their success and seeing what they're doing in their communities and how they're having bigger impact than just their business and just their workers and really changing some lives with the customers and who they're dealing with in their communities. So being able to come into a space and have something that impacts so much more than just myself and having successes that goes so much further beyond me is really motivating for me to come in every day and do the best that I can to support those other people.

Would you rather have neon hair or have a gold tooth?

Rachel Kanonchoff: Hands down, I would take the neon hair over a gold tooth. Hair will grow back. Um, that is a temporary situation. You can have some fun with it and really go for it. Um, a gold tooth would be a really big commitment, so I don't think I would be totally on board with that, but, you know, some hot pink hair I think I could handle.

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