Bill Pleasants, Jr for Dealer Success

February 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bill Pleasants, Jr, VP/GM, PLAZA APPLIANCE MART

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you work with AVB Marketing.

Bill Pleasants, Jr: Hi, I'm Bill Pleasants, Junior, with Plaza Appliance More in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reason why we use AVB Marketing is because they're great people. They know what they're talking about and they have helped us grow our business over the many years we have been with them.

How has AVB Marketing helped you in terms of saving time and growing your business?

Bill Pleasants, Jr: AVB Marketing has helped us save time and grow our business by knowing exactly what we need based off of our market needs and our demographics, um, targeting each of our store's location zip codes and actually giving us great ideas to capture our customers - and new customers at that as well.

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