Jerome Mcgee for Customer Award Videos

December 30, 2022

You don't know my struggle part 1

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jerome Mcgee

How does it feel to be a Jerome mcgee books awards winner?

Jerome Mcgee: It feels wonderful to have the experience to write my own book, which that we have a part to to my book, so I just want everybody to enjoy this first part.

Could you share a few details about the challenge you solved with Jerome mcgee books?

Jerome Mcgee: Yeah, everybody has a struggle in life. So it was pretty much my Baby. My book was based on, you know, reality and the experience that I had, you know, coming up through life.

What advice would you give to other Jerome mcgee books customers?

Jerome Mcgee: If you have a dream in life, noah, let no one, you know no one to not, you know stand by your dream or you don't let your dream die. Always keep your dream alive.

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