Andrew Goff for Customer Testimonial Videos

December 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Goff

Why did you decide that your household needed solar? Was your bill too high? Increase in usage? Sick of paying the energy companies?

Andrew Goff: Yeah, with rising energy costs, uh, definitely option is solar. Um, the electricity bills are just getting out of control. The only way we'll best option is solar, uh, have been fantastic, showing me graphs how much you can save, how much system will be paid off over a period of time, uh, right down to what the actual system pumps in kilowatts, uh, throughout the

Can you describe why you chose AusPac Solar over other solar companies out there? Our Price? Our Service? Our rugged good looks?

Andrew Goff: So in my solar expedition, I obtained 34 quotations, even running some phone numbers through advertisements on Tv with the systems that the cheaper systems, um, there is a difference. Guys, you get what you pay for. I've had a system in the past, installed one of the cheaper ones and it did not pump kilowatts that this system is actually pumping. Um, yeah, changed those pack purely because graphs, information supplied and just telling me exactly how much I can save.

How did your installation go? Were the team professional? Did they communicate with them up to install day?

Andrew Goff: So as we approached, installation data pack kept me in regular updates In regards to progression of application and approvals, installation date was made. The guys turned up on the day. Um Professional got the job done, explained exactly how the system works to me um And they'll go through everything. Yeah. Any questions with questions and they had the answers. They seem to know what they're talking about.

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