Brian Wyble (InfoTECH Solutions, L.L.C.)

October 21, 2020

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself, and tell us about one of the challenges your company solved with audIT.

good morning. I'm happy to announce that we just closed our first deal using the audit System. The scenario was this was a long time break/fix customer that we were supporting that was interested in managed services but just didn't know whether they could afford the increase in pricing. Through the use of audit We were able to show them that although their infrastructure was secure, there were still lot of vulnerabilities related to security and the daily management of their network, if you will. So I think that audit provided some emotion where they were looking to go from their current score of a 40 up to a 99 which we were able to show them with lots of green compared to lots of red that they had before. And I think the other key factor to this is we presented to an office manager who had to present our solution to an owner of the company and by having audit there to support our argument It made the sale a lot easier. And we were able to really triple what they pay us each month. But they're much more secure now and They're very happy. So thank you. Audit for what you did. And we're just a really glad to be a partner with your organization. Thanks.

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