Joe Markert for audIT Video Testimonials

September 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joe Markert, CEO, TransformITive Inc.

What is your name, your title and your MSP name?

Joe Markert: Hi I'm joe marker the ceo of trans formative.

What are some details about the sale or upsell you made and what happened during the audIT?

Joe Markert: The unique scenario we had with this customer was we had an environment that had over 10 years of tech debt compiled in it and ownership of the lead decision maker was in their eighties. So suffice it to say, not exactly up to date on all the latest technology. And we really needed to help convey the sense of urgency. This customer around the issues that we identified in their environment with their services and their security and really humans are visual creatures. Not everybody understands tech geek or speaks geek, but they sure understand green, yellow and red. And that was a big part of us helping to get the message across to the ownership.

What were the results of the presentation and what was the financial outcome for you (how much MRR)?

Joe Markert: The end result here is we were asking the client to put out about $65,000 in additional project spending and about 120,000 additional annual MrR. For them. Now, there were lots of savings were able to point out and optimizations lowered risk and shared responsibility shifting to the cloud that we ultimately used to win this opportunity with the customer. But it was in no small part due to the visual representation of where that tech that had occurred and where these investments were going to help convert their environment from the green, yellow, red scenario, mostly red today, to the green we wanted to have tomorrow.

What would you tell your fellow MSP about getting started with audIT? (for example: audIT pays for itself)

Joe Markert: Look even we're not pro users of audit for I. T. We've had the tool for a while and I think this is probably a common conversation. We haven't really been using it well during the pandemic. We didn't have as many opportunities as some of our colleagues but I would vastly encourage. And I've encouraged my sales team through the process of presenting to this client to dig in deeper because it's clear there's a lot more under the hood now than there was when we first signed up. And we look forward to meeting with the team re on boarding ourselves and learning how to get more out of the tool. We came away that excited about it and we're sure that you will too.

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