Debby Emeny for Customer Testimonial Videos

November 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Debby Emeny

You met Kerry through an online environment and your coaching was done through this. How did you find it for efficiency and impact?

Debby Emeny: a friend of mine introduced me to Kerry and I joined his regular online coaching and it was with a few other people and I found it absolutely amazing. I really did enjoy it. I got so much out of it and he would cover a particular topic each time and got us to think about things differently and come up with their own answers. We would get in a little huddle now and again and it was very concise and quick and it was only for about an hour and it covered a lot of ground in that time. And what also happened with that group is that you know, we became a bit of a group and you know had interactions with each other and bounced off each other and got each other's ideas. So yeah, I found it very efficient and there was definitely a high impact and although it was some time ago that I did that it is still very much with me today.

How did you find Kerry's enthusiasm, knowledge, and delivery?

Debby Emeny: Kerry has a lot of knowledge in this industry, it is depth and breadth and I challenge anyone to find something that he's not aware of within the coaching industry. He delivers it very passionately and enthusiastically. He loves what he does, it comes through, you know that he loves what he does, he loves helping people and you can see that he wants people to succeed as much as you want to succeed. You know, it's not just a job for Kerry, it's more than that, it's I see that it is a genuine desire and help, help people succeed and win at what they are doing. So it's for the love of it, that's what I believe Kerry does it for and his delivery, the way that he gets his message across again, I personally like, and he's the only coach that I would want to use myself. I like the direct message. You know, if you ask a question, you must be prepared to get the answer and that's the only way that I want it to be. We are very short on time many of us and we just want to know what we need to do next or how we can achieve what it is that we're looking to achieve. So absolutely highly recommend him in this area

Would you recommend Kerry to a fellow business owner looking to grow and improve their business?

Debby Emeny: I would absolutely recommend Kerry for all business owners are looking to start a business grow business, improve the business, any of those areas. I was looking to start a new business and he helped me see some of the pitfalls that were there, there was a choice that I had to make, you know, A or B decision which type of business that was going to be. And he totally guided me on areas that I would never ever have seen myself or even considered and you know in that regard he could save you a lot of time, money and hassle by using his knowledge and expertise. So yeah, if you are currently in business or if you are looking to start a business then absolutely have a chat with Kerry because he will um discover things or let you know things that you hadn't thought of. So and that has been absolutely invaluable. You know particularly with you know any challenging or difficult times that your business may be going through any pivoting with your business, then have a chat with him and he will certainly be able to guide you and help you. He has helped me And my business an awful lot and help us get on track very quickly, very succinctly without the headache of the mind spinning at 3:00 AM. So highly recommend Kerry. I'm sure you're going to benefit from it.

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