What Astanza Means to Me: Reagan Smith

June 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Reagan Smith

Can you share a few details about your role at Astanza?

Reagan Smith: Hi, my name is Reagan, and I am the in house biomedical engineer and service coordinator here at Astanza. I work on lasers that come into our office for quality checks or repairs. I also help work on remote repairs for clients. Um I do some troubleshooting and assist my engineers in the field.

What stands out to you about the culture at Astanza Laser?

Reagan Smith: What makes Astanza a great place to work for me is the people. Every day I walk into the office, it puts me in a good mood because I work with people who treat me and our clients as family, working with passionate people who really care about the work we do is really rewarding.

What makes Astanza a Great Place to Work For me is _____?

Reagan Smith: Astanza is a great place to work because of our company culture and just because it feels like home. Um I love my coworkers. I feel like everyone is just extra helpful and they actually really care, um not just about their jobs but about you as a person. And I think that's what stands out um and the difference between working for Astanza and working for another company.

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