What Astanza Means to Me: Debbie Saag

June 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Debbie Saag

Can you share a few details about your role at Astanza?

Debbie Saag: Here at Astanza, I'm one of our sales reps and I am responsible for converting leads to opportunities and opportunities to clients and Astanza family members.

What stands out to you about the culture at Astanza Laser?

Debbie Saag: Astanza is definitely a work hard play hard type of environment and, you know, with a team that's partially remote as well as partially in the office, it can be really challenging to kind of create that community feel. But I think we've done that through some of the great activities that we do to really engage the team on a personal level as well.

What makes Astanza a Great Place to Work For me is _____?

Debbie Saag: What makes Astanza a great place to work for me is our commitment to our core values. These aren't just words. They really are the roadmap for how we do business with our client partners, but also within the Astanza team, from big leadership decisions to our individual daily task, you really see the team a lean into those values, and I think it helps to unify our Astanza family.

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