Total Homes Built

April 14, 2022

Video Transcript

I mean this is we have 10 minutes of eight let's go drive around. See I mean you're you're up at five am to go look at property. You told me to look at this. I mean we saw the property and at the street and I say this is a nice street. All the houses have been developed. We saw that in the market and he said okay let's go work for that. Well so you were saying you guys are trying to become like the primary buyer for like certain supplies and stuff is right now like you're focused on having direct relationships across the board to really keep things going already having we have already established those relationships you know so before it would be you deal directly across a with the salesperson things of this nature and then obviously the salespersons a sales has multiple accounts. So what we did was we have direct where the VP at the I would say appliance, the elevator right we just one elevator company so we eliminate any kind of you know delay. That process would be right and we've established that already standing with we are who's manny, what's Manny's Tyler with the elevator. Well he's the service manager, this is a Nation One elevator company. They are based their headquarter is in Tallahassee florida but they are nationwide residential elevators. So as we we basically did the old carrot we have X amount of builds if you want to be involved we need direct contact. So you have to have somebody when we call on the phone that we actually get a response to that. Everybody's been pretty much okay. You're going to give us this kind of business. You mentioned, like you mentioned x amount of builds, I know you guys like historically have built anywhere from 1 to 5 homes a year. You said your goal this year is, 10 homes basically. Yes, and the market is gonna dictate for us. 10 homes, financially, it is easy to do here because everybody... there's no inventory. Right. So as a buyer perspective, if we had 10 homes up and running each home would sell. Just to let you know Zak, this house is still not live. We are waiting before we put it in the market, even though we can start marketing right now, it's not live. You go to the MLS is not live. There is no active right now. You typically wait until you demo the whole thing and put plans up? your plans irrespective of your plans respect, you can throw those up at any time you wanted to do you see this brown creamy house at the end This was my first house that I built from scratch, from knock down to build. This one right here? Yes, in 2005. It's definitely a different style. And how many homes would you say you've built around here? I think I passed 85. All high end homes. So people, people know your brand name around here? Yeah. How are how are you two introduced to each other again in this house? This house. I built that four years ago to a good friend of my and his wife. Now they getting divorced. But this is a nice house.

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