Kristen Andreasen Test

January 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristen Andreasen

Introduce yourself! What's your name, role, and territory you cover with ABL?

Kristen Andreasen: Hi I'm Kristen, Andresen and I'm the texas territory manager here at asset based lending.

What are you seeing in the Texas real estate markets?

Kristen Andreasen: Some of the things that I'm seeing here in texas on the ground are a desire to really build out a rental portfolio and that can be anything from new construction of a duplex or a triplex or just buying an existing single family home in a great market and getting a nice rehab done in a renter in there or even buying a turnkey rental property. Um as well as lots of new construction in the major cities. These new construction projects are really important for developers that are looking to get the winter and the spring build time complete so they can get the project ready to sell or rent during prime real estate season, which is obviously summer here in texas. Some of the markets that are seeing the most activity are the markets you would expect Dallas Fort Worth Houston and san Antonio. Austin is a little bit slower these days, but a really strong rental and rehab market in places you might not expect like Amorello in the rio grande valley as well as el paso. So some of those secondary cities have really picked up an interest in activity

How will you help Texas real estate investors scale their business?

Kristen Andreasen: here at A. B. L. One of the things we're hyper focused on is helping our developers and our investors scale their business most of the time when they come to us as a private or hard money lender. They've done one of two things. Either they've heard from another investor, a friend how successful they've been in utilizing hard money to build and grow or they've tapped out their personal money and they need to start leveraging what they've got and partnering with a trusted investor and that's where we step in. One of the things that makes A. B. L. Very unique is we don't put a limit on how many projects you as an investor can have at any given time. That means if you find two or three rehab loans in the same city, don't worry. We can have two or three different loans going or if you're a builder and you've got four or five single family homes you'd like to construct. We can do what's called a blanket loan and lend you money to make sure you get all five new homes built and as you sell them off, you take that money and you can leverage it into another project. The key is leverage and that's really where A. B. L. Shines is because we really want to make sure we partner with you to grow your real estate development

Why should Texas real estate investors choose to work with you & ABL?

Kristen Andreasen: I think Texas, real estate investors and developers should choose to work with asset-based lending number one because of our integrity. We've been around, we've been lending since 2011, I think we're up to a billion and a half in loans, but it's not just the size, it's the people in the way in which we underwrite loans and we take care of our developers that I think makes us unique and really sets us apart in the hard money industry.

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