Ocean County Rental Market

April 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Because like you said, people are flocking down here. They want more space. They want the office, You know, you guys are providing that product for them. I mean, the rental market, have you seen it just go completely crazy? There's no place to rent right now. If you go right now here, Ocean County, Manahawkin, you look for a place to rent? You don't have it. Yeah. There's nothing to rent. Everything is price points. Just like when Hoboken became hot. The market is, there's no inventory, I mean that's the best way to say it. There's just no inventory. No, let's go, David. They already saw the one that we closed that is ready for demo. This one. We are in contract, but we haven't started any paperwork with you guys because yeah, they have a tenant and we are waiting for the tenant leave. But we're on the contract.

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