Boating Community

April 13, 2022

Video Transcript

You guys know this market so cold. Like when I was first down here, you passed up on a couple of homes because you saw that on the water, there was a bridge and certain boats can't actually get through that bridge. So you basically passed up with the broker. Because of the price point. If you get at a good price, you can get the risk. If the property is too high, why you gonna get the risk especially that you're limited. Remember we are buying properties in the water. What everybody here have in common who live around here? The waterfront and boaters. This is a boater community. There's no beaches, there's no... everybody have their single dock in the back. I mean that's that's your passion. You're a pro fisher. I'm a big boater guy. Look all around, everything is boating. Everything around this community here is about boating. People fishing, people partying, but its about going to party island, go to bars, go to restaurant, everything And if you get two bridges that is going to limit, the size of your boat, then you already limit your market. Now. You have to target somebody with a small boat. What happens in the future? You want to switch for a big boat and you cannot bring into your own house. What is the purpose? Yeah, it's such small nuances that if you're not on the ground in this market, you would never know, you just wouldn't be able to succeed. Plus another another key in this community is and You are too far from the bay. There are some lagoons that they are 40 minutes. Right? Because you have to go Norway Or you are two minutes from the bay. I mean that is key for when you buy this property. I think it's different valuations of it. It's annoying the location and that's how you do the evaluation for us because then you have a selling point. You're saying knowing the location from the to actually get from the doctor becomes a selling point. It all depends. Obviously on the customer base. You have a customer doesn't even want to pull your market according to the price points have to be right. But you guys are doing such a fantastic job at pre selling these homes. So, I mean when you're pre selling these homes, you already know. First off, you already know your target market. Once, these guys put a hard hard contract down. Are you letting them adjust like certain materials and pick their tiling, etc.? Within reason. Do you find that can delay construction? Yes, big time. We have it written to where you have a choice. So Zak can pick a kitchen today, right? Within two weeks, if there's a problem, we have the final say so. So if we have to make the change, it's in the contract. You agree to that and we can make the change accordingly. So we're not held to a delay and we will obviously email you and say obviously the vanity you ordered or the flooring order is no longer available. This is a substitute, here's a picture, and installed. So we eliminate those delays. We go to our standard and everybody's in agreement.

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