About "The Science Behind Redox" session

July 14, 2023

Meet Hunter Dean; Vice President of Production Operations at Asea. He gives us a preview of the "The Science Behind Redox" session at our upcoming ASEA 2023 Global convention. Get your tickets today!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hunter Dean, VP of Production Operations

Hunter Dean: Hey there, my name is Hunter Dean. I'm the Vice President of Production Operations here at ASEA. I've been here almost five years now. My role at ASEA is working with University research partners, working with our Q and A department, our product development, production, manufacturing.

Hunter Dean: I'm excited about this year is the Science Behind Redox session. This is a session where we're gonna have some of the medical professionals that we've partnered with talk about redox signaling molecules and redox pathways in an educational setting. In addition to that, we're going to have some never before seen studies and some information from some of our University partners that will be exclusive for the Science Behind Redox session that we're really excited about. And that will be held very specifically just for those in attendance. And so that Science Behind Redox session is gonna be a great one to go to if you're really interested in where the science is going. and kind of seeing some new developments in the science of redox and cellular health.

Hunter Dean: Do not miss this session. This session is going to be jam packed full of great, great science and, and presented in a way that's usable and digestible and repeatable. We have some of the world's finest minds that we've partnered with on the medical professional side who will be speaking there. We have University research that will be presented exclusively in this session. It's going to be an amazing experience. So people need to buy their tickets now. We're seeing tickets sell pretty quickly. We're really excited about it. This is an event that you will not want to miss.

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