Meet our Asea 2023 Global Convention Speakers

July 14, 2023

Meet Andrea Borges, our Director of Global Science at Asea. Join her at "The science behind REDOX" sessions at our upcoming ASEA 2023 Global convention to learn about the latest ASEA REDOX studies.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Borges, Director of Global Science

Andrea Borges: Hi, I'm Andrea Borges. I'm the Director of Global Science and I've been working at ASEA for 3.5 years with ASEA, I discovered my new passion as scientist, the REDOX world.

Andrea Borges: Let's talk about the "Science behind the REDOX" session. This is a session that will happen before convention starts and it will be amazing. I'm very, very excited to be there and share with you all news, great news about studies that we've been conducting with ASEA REDOX. These studies are very exciting. We have great results and they will be released only during " The science behind REDOX" session, not after that, not during convention, only during that session. So I'll be waiting for you.

Andrea Borges: I just wanna make sure that I'm gonna meet you there at the Science Behind Red session. That will happen before convention. It will be amazing and you don't wanna miss it. I'll be there, the medical board will be there. We're gonna talk a lot about all the things that are new and exciting and you don't wanna miss it. I want to invite you to go get your tickets so we all can have fun together, we can all discuss and talk a lot about the Science Behind Redox. See you there.

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