Erika Scott for AWW Client Testimonial

August 24, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Erika Scott, Artistic Programming Manager , Ford's Theatre

Erika Scott: My company decided to seek out Ascension Worldwide because right now we're in a racial reckoning and like many organizations and many companies, we are taking the time, especially right now in the pandemic while we can't do all of the work that we would normally be doing. We wanted to make sure that we checked in with self. We wanted to make sure that the organization had a solid foundation to build equitable standards and equitable processes moving forward so that all people who interact with our organization are met with the respect and the empathy that they deserve.

Erika Scott: Ascension Worldwide helped us with our diversity equity inclusion by starting the conversation on implicit bias and given us tools to be able to navigate situations that may arise in the workplace. Um, we had four trainings over um, several days where we had those difficult conversations and we talked about the root of implicit bias and microaggressions and how something so minor or seemingly so minor could become something blown out of proportion

Erika Scott: I think that I would say mostly what I learned through working with Ascension Worldwide is that this is just the beginning that we have so much to do and not that we were in a bad space, but just you can always be better. You can always do better, you can always grow and as long as you have open lines of communication, healthy communication, then you'll get there.

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