Tony Howard, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

December 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tony Howard, President & CEO, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce

Tony Howard: Hello. My name is Tony Howard. I'm the president and CEO of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and I'm very pleased to offer testimony on behalf of Ascension Worldwide. We've been working with AWW On a diversity equity and inclusion assessment. I will say that our experience so far has been excellent. Chris Morin and his team have been super responsive. They are clearly very subject matter, knowledgeable. They've given us great insight, actionable insight that we can use to improve our performance in the areas of DEI, and particularly other areas too as well. And so they met all the deadlines and we are very pleased with that experience. In fact, we are planning to continue to work with Ascension Worldwide on the next phase of our DEI journey. So I appreciate this opportunity to offer this testimony on behalf of the company. Would certainly recommend them to another client such as ourselves. If they are interested in improving their performance in areas of diversity equity inclusion in other business operational areas. Thank you!

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