Dr. Kimberly DeSimone for Client Testimonial Videos

September 27, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Kimberly DeSimone, Professor, Director of the Master's in Leadership Program, St. Bonaventure University

Dr. Kimberly DeSimone: In choosing Ascension Worldwide, a big factor was that they had such a wide range of solutions, from workshops to training to keynote presentations. But we were also impressed with not only their expertise, but most importantly, with the evidence based approach as an academic institution. It is crucial that our initiatives are all evidence based, grounded in the scientific literature and proven best practices.

Dr. Kimberly DeSimone: We've worked with Ascension Worldwide for a number of different initiatives, from training on unconscious bias to key notes, on creating an environment of inclusivity and belonging. We've done a host of sessions on zoom and all of them have been incredibly well received. Um, they were just able to create sessions that were, people were very enthusiastic about all constituents, really moving seamlessly regardless of the audience, in ways that resonated and with language that was impactful for all different kinds of groups. Ascension Worldwide just gets how to present and engage meaningfully to a wide range of constituents.

Dr. Kimberly DeSimone: It's really interesting beyond the learning in the workshops and all of the great content. You get to understand the neuroscience and the evidence based rationale and the best practice recommendations and takeaways and how those takeaways can be infused in your organization for the long term, not just what you're learning in the session, but how you can take that away and use it and infuse it throughout the organization to create positive change. I really look forward to continuing to take those learnings and to continue to build upon them as we continue our diversity, equity and inclusion journey, which is always ongoing. If we've learned one thing from ascension Worldwide, the work is never done. It's really about a constant commitment to the work and um, that's really been an important finding for us.

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