Jenny Madsen- Energy Healing Testimonial

May 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jenny Madsen

How would you describe your energy-healing experience with Alkemia?

Jenny Madsen: Hello, my name is Jenny and I just thought I would um come in and say hi and share my experience with um the energy work that I had done with Alkemia. Um previous to this, um I've only had a couple of um energy sessions um with other practitioners and this one was unlike anything else that I have. Um, thus far, thus far received. Um It was to the point where um I felt so relaxed during the session and all I really had to do there was sit there and breathe and Alkemia walked me through all of it. I felt safe, um and comfortable and um and inside my body, like I could feel, um I could feel cold, I could feel warm, I could feel other sensations. Um And after the session for hours after I could feel the effects um of peace and calm. Um It was like anything that was, was kind of stagnant in my body prior to the energy healing session afterwards, it was flowing again. Um So if you are on the fence um about giving it a try. Um I would say, um you've got nothing to lose and I enjoyed it and hope to, um, do one again sometime soon.

How would you describe your energy healing experience in three words?

Jenny Madsen: I would describe the energy healing as relaxing, peaceful and calming.

Describe how were you feeling before the healing session versus after.

Jenny Madsen: Um before the session, I was feeling um a bit unsure, a bit nervous. Um But after the session, I was feeling really calm, relaxed and like I could have stayed in that state forever.

Any other positive shifts, or changes you experienced after your healing session? i.e. less pain, better sleep, more energy, more at peace..

Jenny Madsen: Afterwards, I definitely felt more open, able to receive and peaceful.

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