Nancy Schmitz- Energy Healing Testimonial

May 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Briefly introduce yourself and explain what is was it like experiencing energy healing with us?

Hello, my name is Nancy Schmid and I have been blessed to have crossed paths with Alkemia. Um I was participant in her class um for several months before I had a one on one session with her and it was amazing. Um It has taught me how to really ground myself um understand kind of where the source of feelings, whether negative or positive are coming from and kind of how to manage them better. Um When I signed up for the one on one, I was really excited. Um And then as it often does life hits you when you least expect it and had some crushing blows. So I was, had a multitude of um negative feelings going into it. Um Guilt about some of the news. I was told fear, sadness, um just all around grief. It brought up some grief issues that I had. Um So just kind of knowing that going ahead of, of going into with um Alkemia really helped me to kind of narrow in and make the most of my session with her. And if I had to describe how um much I enjoyed that session, it was just relaxing, calming and very grounding for me. Um I was able to really put things into perspective when I was finished. Just kind of um you know, understood kind of what path I needed to take as far as to continue on with the energy and healing that we did together. Um And then just kind of know where um where I wanna be and what steps I need to get to get to that end result of where I am. Um I was really excited um Afterwards. Um It's something that I'm looking to do on a monthly basis. I realize the benefit of it. Um Just taking that time for myself, taking that time to really get in tuned with myself, my emotions, my energy, how um others affect my energy, how I am in control of my energy, even when I don't feel like it and the steps needed to take to in order to protect my energy. So I feel like it's been an amazing, amazing experience working with Almah. Um I am just thrilled that um this one on one session is so powerful even when it's virtual. Um which to me was huge. Uh I've gone to energy healer in the past um not on a regular basis, hit or miss um sometimes with friends, sometimes just on my own to try it out. Um And didn't feel the, the same effect as I did as I did with Alkemia. I, I feel like she is um very, very, very in tuned with the energy around her and can kind of sense through us. Um, even virtually, even across, you know, state lines and across the country, know, kind of what we're feeling and where we're at and what we need to kind of help that with that. And um I really am excited to book my next session with her. That was my first session and I, I just can't wait. And I hope that when you book a session with Alkemia, you feel the same way that I feel afterwards and about um just knowing that I have the power and um the tools to kind of continue on what we did together. So I hope you have a great day.

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