Jacob Robinson - Gulf Coast Services

March 03, 2023

ARTIC PRO inspection software reviewed by Jacob Robinson with Gulf Coast Services.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jacob Robinson, Operations manager - Gulf Coast Aerobic Services

Please introduce yourself and describe how ARTIC PRO has helped your company:

Jacob Robinson: My name is Jacob Robinson and I'm with gulf Coast aerobic services Came in and inherited the family business. It's about 20 years old and has over 1000 customers and found things were just super hectic, still trying to do inspections running off, just printing out expect inspection reports and sending the guys out with stacks of paper. Things were unorganized, wasted time. There was all kinds of issues with how things were being done that you know, lead things not being done properly. We found taylor and worked with him and decided to give arctic pro a try and it's just made life so easy. We come in in the morning, I can a few clicks on the computer, I can assign the guys that work for the day and they're gone and instead of having to wait for them to get back to the office in the evening to see what their production look like. I can log on at any time throughout the day and see how many inspections the guys have done what they've come across out in the field. Uh It's really just another way of almost being with them while they're out there. It's been a great experience so far and I can't recommend it enough

How has ARTIC PRO changed the way you work?

Jacob Robinson: Pro was instead of waiting for guys to get back and turning inspection reports and having to sort through them and find the ones that need work. Now it's all automatically updated in the computer whenever the guy signs a task to it. So in the past going through paper reports we could be days or even weeks removed. By the time we come across that specific report, reach out to the customer and set up a work order and get someone out there to repair it. Now all of it's instant. It's all updated on the computer and it's just made life way easier as well as whenever the customer gets that inspection report with any failed components that can click a button and it automatically sends a request to us for more information or a quote.

How would you describe your overall feeling towards ARTIC PRO's customer service/support?

Jacob Robinson: The software behind arctic Pro is great in itself, but where this really shines for me is with Taylor. Um I was super nervous about moving everything into a computer based system. I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world, but Taylor's walked me through everything has made it to where I have zero issues getting on arctic pro and doing anything I need to do. And he's even went above and beyond things that were totally unrelated to arctic Pro in our office, helping me with our safe system whenever I had an issue with it and a few other things, he's just definitely, definitely been great to work with and I can't recommend working with Taylor enough whether it's to arctic Pro or any endeavor that he has.

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