Hi from aqua team

August 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tetiana, Content Distribution Manager. Elizaveta, Email Marketing manager. Olga Ryan, Content creator. Yulia, HR Generalist

"Hi" from aqua team

Why do you work at aqua cloud?

Tetiana: Aqua is perfect place for professional growth. Our brainstorming and ideas generating truly inspire me every day. I see a lot of possibilities to implement my ideas without any limitations. I get great support here and encouragement for my creativity. That's awesome.

Elizaveta: I work in aqua cloud because its mission, philosophy and people resonate with me deeply. There is a workspace where your ideas will be always supported no matter what job position you take.

Yulia: I work with a team of professionals who love their job and are focused on delivering a great product. Every day I face a new challenge, and I know that my team will support me.

Olga Ryan: I work at aqua cloud because I love what I'm doing.

What is special in aqua cloud's work culture?

Elizaveta: aqua cloud's work culture is really amazing. One point that stands out is a commitment to teamwork. Working with other people towards one common goal brings a really big success.

Tetiana: aqua is a small team, and it is so easy here to communicate with everyone you need to achieve your goals, to get the information needed or to create something together. Everyone on the team is so open to help and share their knowledge or experience. It makes work much much easier.

Yulia: Though we are distant, we feel really close to each other.

In what way does aqua cloud take away the pain of testing for our customers?

Tetiana: aqua is a tool to connect the whole organisation in one hub. Better communication and structures save time and effort spent on QA management and testing. That's why managers and testers love aqua.

Elizaveta: The goal of aqua is to help businesses build great products of outstanding quality. We do it successfully by providing our clients the best in class, all-in-one test management solutions.

Join us in taking away the pain of testing!


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