Sue for "We love you Michelle" messages

December 15, 2022

Video from Sue explaining how she feels about her friend moving to the UK

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sue

With Michelle living in Bristol, what do you miss most about her?

Sue: Hi Michelle, from Hugh-gee and me and just wanted to show you Hugh-gee's haircut. He looks quite the thing. Notice the little lion tail. Sorry about the butt view there. He's been groomed, poor boy, and now he's not very happy because he never likes being held. So, I um, I don't really know what to say other than I miss you along with everyone else. It was great to see you when you were here and um, no doubt you're having a great time with Susie and Jake there. And I hope you've enjoyed Hugo's tale and we'll just leave it at that, I think.

Send Michelle a message of Aussie love

Sue: Coming to you live from Sue's townhouse in Bardon. And I was told that this is a saying hello with Aussie Christmas spirit. So, hence the hat and sunnies. Which, the other reason for those is, as you would have seen from the first video, I have had a skin cancer removed. Lucky me, yet another one and not quite so pretty so far, done by a plastic surgeon. But I've had some inflammation and bruising and so yeah, get stopped in the street and asked who hit me. Um, but I'm hoping that it does heal up well. Um, it's only just over a week. Um, so it's probably best that I go incognito and no doubt you'll have no need for the sunnies or the sun hat in Bristol. And just remember your chances of damaging your skin through the harsh Australian rays of the sun will not be happening this Christmas.

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