"We love you Michelle" messages

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marita

With Michelle living in Bristol, what do you miss most about her?

Okay so this proved a bit more of a technology challenge than I was anticipating. Um But anyway I think I've finally managed it. So Michelle I thought you might like a bit of an upper Brookfield vibe with your message. So here I am um at the dam and at house in upper Brookfield which is very full at the moment everything looks very green. Um What do we miss about you living in bristol? Um mainly not having you available to catch up with for coffee or book club or wines or whatever gatherings we might happen to be having. Um It was great to catch up with you not long ago and I'm hoping that I might possibly make it for a trip to the UK in 2023. So here's a little bit more of the view for you.

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