Wet Paint Decorating - Appy Books Customer Testimonial Videos

October 05, 2022

A testimonial from Gavin Mullins of Wet Paint Decorating on using Appy Books as his bookkeeping service

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gavin Mullins, Painter, Wet Paint Decorating PtyLtd

Introduce yourself, and describe how Appy Books recently helped you or your business.

Gavin Mullins: My name is Gavin Mullins. I run a small painting business on the Gold Coast in Queensland called Wet Paint Decorating. And for years my wife and I ran the business ourselves. My wife did the books and I was on the tools seven days a week. And uh you know at the end of every year we never had any money left over for holidays. And at the end of every financial year we always had problems with tax and the rest of it until I met Tracey from Appy Books which was a great day. And at first I questioned how we were going to afford a bookkeeper like everyone does I suppose early in business. How wrong I really was. You know it's crazy and now we're a fully established company and me not working nearly as much as I was and money in the bank. Yeah, I often ask myself why I didn't do this years ago. So yeah Appy Books has done nothing but great things for us and I think the main reason being you know the main change for us was that we had so much extra time because Tracey dealt with all the daily grind of bookkeeping so that we could concentrate on more important areas that were missing before. Like personal and financial business structure which now we have plenty of time for, thanks to Tracey. And uh yeah, we you know, we look forward to working with her in the future until I retire at least. And um yeah I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. She's such a great help, such a great lady and yeah you know she's become a good friend too so yeah, my hat's off to her and you know some of the stuff I just couldn't I couldn't live without her really with what we do now and the size we're going to. So yeah I suggest everyone should make that step and especially it's especially hard to find a good bookkeeper I'm assuming and especially one that charges very reasonable rates and you know it's it's just it's a very easy step to step into and especially when you see the service she provides it's fantastic. So I wish you the best in the future and I look forward to working with her for another at least 20 years. I hope. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

How did Appy Books go above and beyond for you?

Gavin Mullins: How did Appy Books go above and beyond for you? Well, for one Tracey is always on the phone, she always gets back to you very quickly and she does go above and beyond all the time. Yeah, everything's done thoroughly. And you know, she answers all questions very quickly and it just makes a lot easier to have that sort of service when you're in a business. It's really important that I can contact her at all times and you know, if she's on holidays or I can't contact her, she always gives me notice and we always make adjustments. But yeah, Appy Books always goes above and beyond for us. They're fantastic.

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