Rachel from Mecca Recruitment Group - Customer Testimonial Videos

November 08, 2021

Easy, caring and funny - this is the type of relationship we have with our recruitment clients!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel Funnell , Head of operations, Mecca Recruitment Group

Why did you partner with apositive?

Rachel Funnell : Okay, we partnered with Apositive because we, as a company have a really fast moving temp desk, right from the beginning, they were able to partner with us, and really understand what we needed, as a business.

How would you describe your experience with apositive in three words?

Rachel Funnell : In three words, I would say Easy, Partnership and funny.

What do you love about apositive?

Rachel Funnell : It's actually an easy one to answer. What I love about Apositive is, the fact that Darren's always there if I need to call him and also Andy, you know, any email that I send or phone call, it gets answered straight away. They have a really kind of natural caring approach. Yeah, and they're always there when I need them.

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