Alan Marks for Customer stories

June 18, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alan Marks

Please introduce yourself

Alan Marks: Hi there my name is Alan I am from Malibu beach California.

How did you discover the company–what problem were you looking to solve?

Alan Marks: Well, I was going to a med spa regularly and there was a machine that everyone was in love with, and I was interested because I suffered from neck pain, from sitting long hours at the computer. Uh, and sometimes my muscles are pretty sore from the gym and I was hoping that Apollo would help me and help me feel better in my day to day life, like everyone else was saying.

What made you choose Apollo?

Alan Marks: I think just the fact that it has so many benefits and it's like literally there's no risk so that that convinced me.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from your device?

Alan Marks: wow. I mean, I can honestly say that all the benefits are great. I mean, obviously my neck pain is gone and I mean, I'm barely feeling any pain in my muscles, and I also notice that my my skin is like firmer and tighter. I mean, it's it's amazing. I'm actually amazed.

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