Brandon Jones for Real Estate Testimonials

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brandon Jones

Why did you choose Ankara Grant The Home Matchmaker to help buy or sell your home?

Brandon Jones : One of the reasons why I chose Ankara Grant to help be my home matchmaker. I was searching around through social media, looking for someone to help me make the transition from being in an apartment to being a homeowner. As I stumbled upon her page, I noticed a lot of positive results and I noticed a lot of good things that she was doing for people and the vibe just felt right. So I reached out to her.

What challenges did you run into that Ankara Grant The Home Matchmaker helped you sort out?

Brandon Jones : The biggest challenge that I ran into upon trying to go through the process of becoming a homeowner is not knowing anything about it, what to do or where to start. One of the great things about Ms Ankara Grant is that she's very, very helpful throughout the whole process and makes it simple. She makes it easy to understand. She helps you through every step she's always attentive. She responds back very, very fast was one day I felt I was texting her too late. It was like 89 30 at night and she responded back. She's just very helpful.

Why would you recommend working with Ankara Grant The Home Matchmaker to buy or sell a home?

Brandon Jones : I would recommend Ankara Grant because she makes the process super simple and she works twice as hard to make sure that she helped you get everything that you asked for. She's honest and she's realistic. One of the things that I liked about her, she can tell, she'll tell you the difference between your dreams and your reality. She'll help you understand how the process works. She helps you understand everything about all of the steps that it would take to go from where you're at to where you want to be.

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