Shelly Ritonya for Angie Jean Photography Video Testimonials

September 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shelly Ritonya

Could you describe your Wedding Day Photography experience with AJP?

Shelly Ritonya: Our engagement photos turned out phenomenal. Angie did such an amazing job. Um Everyone that sees the photos says they look like they could be in a magazine. Uh We were just so happy with the day of she was great communication. Uh Prior to the, the photos we met at the location, she was full of energy. She took so much time with us. She was very intentional about where to take the photo and making sure everything was just in place um with shirts and hair and everything and she just does a phenomenal job. She's an amazing human being and made our engagement day pictures stress free and just had the best experience.

How would you describe Angie Jean Photography in three words?

Shelly Ritonya: I don't think I can sum Angie up in just three words. She is just so sweet and genuine and full of energy relatable. Just connects with people, makes you feel at ease and um just amazing to work with.

Why is Angie Jean Photography different from other wedding photographers?

Shelly Ritonya: Angie's photos just look amazing. They are so different and unique. They're not cookie cutter, same poses that you see with so many photographers. She has great ideas and can take something so simple and turn it into just a beautiful backdrop. She just is so creative. Um um I feel like as I mentioned before, her pictures and photos, I mean, they could be in a magazine that the lighting is perfect. Everything is just perfect and I've looked at a lot of photographers trying to find the right one for engagement and wedding photos and you just don't see that hers are just top notch.

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