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May 11, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz: Hi there! My name is Victor Ortiz, and I'm from Los Angeles, California.

How did Anaplan For All training prepare you for your career?

Victor Ortiz: Anaplan For All training prepared me for my career by giving me the tools, the avenue, and the support. Especially the support to really move into this field and to jumpstart my career.

What did your Anaplan mentor teach you?

Victor Ortiz: I guess in general, just about the, you know, business setting, the corporate setting in general. Um, none of... No one in my family has ever worked at a big company or, you know, a big business. So this is all very new to me. I'm really thankful that Michael is even now currently helping me, uh, you know, through this new setting, this new world, and to make my way through it.

What was your favorite part of Anaplan For All training?

Victor Ortiz: My favorite part of the Anaplan For All experience was just getting to work with a lot of participants. At this point now, we've known each other for I would say, roughly six months. And, you know, we've all had different struggles or issues and it was just great that I was able to work with them, and help them, and have them help me...and just create this, uh, strong, I guess, a connection with them.

How does completing the Anaplan training make you feel?

Victor Ortiz: I feel better prepared and I'll say much more confident in entering this next chapter of my life and to really begin this career journey.

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