Tomeka Munford for Correlation One Success Stories.v2

May 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tomeka Munford

Tomeka Munford: Hello. My name is Tomeka Munford and I am a certified Anaplan model builder.

How did Anaplan For All training prepare you for your new career?

Tomeka Munford: Anaplan For All training prepare me for my career by helping me demonstrate both my ability and willingness to learn new material quickly.

What did you learn from your Anaplan mentor?

Tomeka Munford: When you embark on the Anaplan For All journey, literally thousands of opportunities are unlocked. My mentor taught me to stay focused on and to put energy into those opportunities that were in alignment with my goals.

What was your favorite part of my Anaplan For All experience?

Tomeka Munford: My favorite part of my Anaplan For All experience, hands down, are the people. There are good people everywhere connected with Anaplan For All. Because of the participants in the program, the Anaplan mentors, corporate sponsors employees at Correlation One, we were surrounded in a positive community— focused on growth and success.

How does completing Anaplan For All training make you feel?

Tomeka Munford: Because of Anaplan For All, I feel empowered in my career. I feel more equipped to articulate how I can make a difference in the workforce. I want more people to experience this opportunity.

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