Natalie Davis for Correlation One Success Stories.v2

May 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Natalie Davis, Washington, DC Metro Area

Natalie Davis: Hi! My name is Natalie Davis and I am a recent graduate of the Correlation One Anaplan For All program.

What did you get out of Anaplan training?

Natalie Davis: The best thing about Anaplan For All is that it gave me a great foundation to learn about connected planning.

What did you learn from your Anaplan mentor?

Natalie Davis: Basically my interest, my intrinsic motivations, and sort of ways that I can learn how to tailor my job search. And so we met weekly to talk about the things that I like to do and some of my background, and how we can really match that for a skill into an industry that I would really thrive in.

What was your favorite part of Anaplan For All training?

Natalie Davis: My favorite part of the Anaplan For All program was definitely the Saturdays. Working with my TAs and my classmates. Even though it was a long day, we really got to talk with each other and communicate and that was the time to really socialize and to find out what—where each other was in the program and how we can help each other. We were able to ask questions

How does completing Anaplan training make you feel?

Natalie Davis: Because of the Anaplan For All program, I feel very confident that I can help a company or an organization really think about their planning and financial needs.

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