Lorena Vazquez for Correlation One Graduate Stories

May 11, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lorena Vazquez

Lorena Vazquez: Hi! My name is Lorena Vasquez. I'm a participant with the Anaplan For All program, part of Correlation One.

How did Anaplan For All training help you?

Lorena Vazquez: Anaplan For All training prepared me for my career by giving me the skills, tools, and support needed to learn Anaplan and help me switch careers. I'm looking to transition into a more

What did you enjoy about Anaplan training?

Lorena Vazquez: Well, the first part I don't enjoy... getting stuck on an Anaplan problem. But I do enjoy when I can finally figure that out. Oh! That relief when you're able to make the data load properly into the module and map correctly. Amazing! I think that's my, one of my favorite experiences is when I get that epiphany of how to work Anaplan and seeing the full picture. It's been a great journey.

How does Anaplan training make you feel?

Lorena Vazquez: Now I feel more confident myself. I feel better able to speak on my behalf and to know what I want and what I'm looking for in my next job.

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