Kndia Davis for Correlation One Success Stories

May 10, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kndia Davis

Introduce yourself, then describe how Anaplan For All prepared you for your new career.

Kndia Davis: Hi! I'm Kndia "KD" Davis. My background is in PaaS/SaaS technology implementation; specifically in the HR benefits administration space. Anaplan For All prepared me for my career by first learning how to configure the Anaplan platform. But secondly, and probably most importantly, by giving me a good background in best practices for doing agile technology implementations that are data-heavy and very process driven.

What did you learn from your mentor?

Kndia Davis: I learned a bunch of things from my mentor, but I'd probably say the most interesting one was around building trust. Whether that be with employees, clients or partners. It's important to not be contrary— but also like not be conciliatory. Like have those honest conversations and figure out where the value lies your mutual relationship and lean on that to find solutions that are amicable for everyone.

What was your favorite part of the Anaplan For All experience?

Kndia Davis: My favorite part of the Anaplan experience is kind of a tie between engaging with my mentor; I learned so much from my mentor, Scott, but also engaging with the other people in the cohort. There were some people that I started

How does completing the Anaplan For All training make you feel?

Kndia Davis: I feel really excited about the direction my career is headed, and also just feel, like I've learned so much about just business in general, so there was definitely a lot of technology emphasis in DS4A, but I feel like Anaplan just kind of gave me a much stronger overall business foundation on the project and process management foundation.

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