Christine Babu for Correlation One Success Stories

May 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christine Babu

Christine Babu: Hello, my name is Christine. Anaplan For All training prepared me for my career by providing the foundation and tools to help me grow and excel as an Anaplan professional.

What did your Anaplan mentor teach you?

Christine Babu: So my mentor taught me that during the interview process I need to interview the company as well — just as much as they are interviewing me. Since if you find the people you enjoy working for or working with, the work will then follow.

What was your favorite part of Anaplan For All training?

Christine Babu: My favorite part of the Anaplan For All experience was hearing from the different companies on how they fit into the Anaplan ecosystem.

How has Anaplan training empowered you?

Christine Babu: Because of the Anaplan For All training, I feel empowered to embark on a career as an Anaplan professional. The roles are diverse, and in all industries, I can decide to focus on purely tech or business rules or choose a hybrid role. The options are endless.

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