Wayne Green for Customer Stories

July 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: wayne green

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the Ultra Knee Elite™, and describe what you like about it.

wayne green: Hello. My name is Wayne Green and I'm out of Glendale Merlin. And I purchased the the device for my knees and you know I had some pain in my knees so I figured I'd give it a try. So um I purchased it and I put uh it on and um it's been working good. I just started using it so I can't give a full report. But the first few days that I put it on is working well. I just think that I might need an extra larger size because when I pull the sleeve all the way up to my sigh it kind of rolls back down and it causes the slip to kind of go a little bit below my knee cap. So I might need to get a larger size and I might need help in seeing if I could send what I have back and see if I could get a larger size. That would give me a better way of telling how well the product is. Hope this helps a little. Thank you.

What positive results have you experienced by using the Ultra Knee Elite™?

wayne green: Hello. I noticed with the ultra a light knee brace. I been putting it on and I've been getting better mobility when I use it. But I think I need to get a larger size because when I do put it on and I brought to um I noticed that there is some relief in the knee pain that I've been having. But I noticed that the sleeve when it gets up to my my thigh it kind of rolls back down to my knee where I'm not able to get it pulled up with the state up at my thigh level. So it would be great if I could get instructions on. If I could send what I had back for larger size then I think I would you know definitely be able to determine better how well it is working for me. So thank you so much. Goodbye.

What would you tell people looking to use the product? Would you recommend it?

wayne green: Hello. Hello. To get a fair assessment of the knee brace that I've been using. I've been using it and I've noticed an improvement uh uh concerning the pain in my knees and my mobility. But I think my size is a little too small. I think I need like a double X. L. I got a large but I think I need a double XL because when I do put the knee brace on uh it'll go up to my thigh you know we're supposed to but it rolls back down to my kneecap and I'm constantly pulling on it trying to get adjusted. Weird stay right. So I greatly appreciate um some information on how if I can send back what I have for a larger science. And then I think I could get a better a fair assessment of how well the knee brace is working and definitely be able to recommend it. Uh For others. Thanks so much. Bye bye.

Please describe your overall experience with our company, including ordering, returns, and customer service.

wayne green: Hello. Once again. Uh Just looking at the overall experience and use of my knee brace. Um I you know, I can see some improvements in uh what I've been doing and how I've been wearing it. But I have a problem where I think the science I got was too small and to really be fair and assessing just how well it's working for me. I think I need some help to see if I can send back what I have for like a double XL. And um then I think I can really give a fair assessment because when I put the knee braces on it comes up, you know to over my over my knees uh to my thigh. And I noticed that it rolls all the way back down again uh to my knee. And it keeps me pulling into Justin on it all the time so that it's not really helping me get a fair access mint of how it's working. But if you could direct me into getting maybe a double X size, I would love to and then I can really give you know, greater recommendations on your product. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

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