James for Kratom Voices - Speak Out Today!

November 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: James

James: Hello scott Goolsby from Caledonia Mississippi. I have been taking kratom daily since 2009 with no negative effects. It has helped me get off of alcohol, other prescription drugs and just living a better life in every way. I don't I don't have a problem with it being regulated just for those over 21. The extracts and the kratom shots. I've tried those and I think the way that they're processed, that's when people have run into trouble using those. I only use the plain leaf and it's it's helped me you know drink it, take it with my coffee in the morning before I go to work framing houses after work. I might have a little more to help me relax. Well I'm of the belief that no plant should be made illegal. Which is why I only use the plain leaf. I I've tried the extracts and the kratom shots and I think the way that they're processed, that's where people run into trouble using using them like that in the strong doses. The plain leaf has helped me more than I can say. And I think it would be a big mistake if there's a total ban on it. Regulation is the way to go. I just hope we can get together and do this the right way. Thank you very much

Here's why it's important that consumers have legal access to pure, unadulterated kratom.

James: I think it's important that we have legal access to pure unadulterated kratom just for the safety of people that may not do their research, like I have, and know the safe way to use these herbal medicines. Thank you.

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