Lori Cruz - Tnag Cleaning Services Partner

October 31, 2022

Amenify Partnership Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lori Cruz, T-NAG Cleaning Services

How has your partnership with Amenify helped your business?

Lori Cruz: Hi, my name is Lory and I'm the owner of Tnag Cleaning Services. We partnered with, Amenify earlier this year, and as soon as we signed up with them, we started seeing an immediate increase in bookings and as a result of our partnership with Amenify, we have been able to double our cleaning staff dedicated to servicing apartment buildings in the areas that we serve.

What is your favorite part about our partnership?

Lori Cruz: What I like most about our partnership with Amenify is the support that you get from the corporate office. They are very easy to connect with if you need any additional trainings for you and your staff. They are willing to set up trainings for you and are very responsive in addition to their commitment to customer service. I find that very rewarding just because that's one of our core values and so finding Amenify commitment to customer service, it's a win win for us because we know that they're going to be right there with us to create a better resident experience.

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