Max Helm for Customer Testimonials

November 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Max Helm

Please introduce yourself and describe how Amenify has improved your quality of living?

Max Helm: Hello. My name is max and Amenify has improved my quality of living by helping me and my girlfriend kind of do chores from time to time we've used Amenify maybe four times for their chores. And I have to say it's really nice having an option not to do the entire house especially since her and I are kind of busy with our jobs during the week. It can be anywhere kind of messier people by nature. It can be kind of hard to keep up. So just having the option to have somebody come in to clean just the bathroom or just the living room or kitchen has been really nice. And you know they've been, each time they've come in they've put in a lot of care into what they've done if we're home while they're here. You know, they always check with us to make sure that the home looks good or that the room looks good before they leave. So I'd have to say that having that option for, for people that live in an apartment especially I think it's really nice. So I would definitely recommend Amenify for that

Which Amenify services have you used? (e.g., Deep cleaning, standard cleaning, or subscriptions or chores)

Max Helm: When it comes to Amenify , we've definitely used their chores and it's really nice having them come in and getting to select what things we need help with. For example, we can just choose to have them come in and help us clean the refrigerator, help us clean the oven. Maybe just do the floors one day. So having that kind of flexibility to pick and choose kind of what we need help with is really invaluable, and it saves us a lot of time and energy too.

What would you say about recommending Amenify to your friends or family?

Max Helm: If one of my friends were to ask me about Amenify I was I would have to say it's very easy. I mean all it takes is just opening the app selecting what you need help with if it's the entire home or if it's just the one room or if it's just even somebody to help clean out the refrigerator, it's very easy to set up. They make it a very smooth process. The customer service has been really great if I have any questions about anything and you know, they put a lot of care and attention into everything that they do when they come in. So I I have to say it's a very smooth process and each time that they've come in it's been a great result.

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