Alveo and Smartbug Media

November 11, 2021

Learn how Smartbug Media works with Alveo to bring greater value to their clients.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Mead, AVP Client Services, SmartBug Media

Sarah Mead: My name is Sarah Mead and I am the Associate VP of Client Services at Smartbug Media.

What problem were you looking to solve before partnering with Alveo?

Sarah Mead: One of the areas that we were really looking to amplify on the client facing side of our organization was the ability to do in depth research into our clients industries so that they can look at us as an extension of their team and feel like they have a true partner who understands the space that they compete in who they're competing against and how they should place themselves in the market from, from that information.

How did Alveo help resolve this challenge?

Sarah Mead: We chose to partner with the Alveo team and we had them support us on industry analysis, on competitive research, and also having a really in-depth look at our ICPs for clients, and also for their own persona research. And we found that this partnership really allowed us to go much more in depth with with all of that background knowledge of our clients.

What resulted from partnering with Alveo? What was the business impact?

Sarah Mead: As a result of this partnership, we've been able to more effectively deliver in depth findings and better align ourselves with strategic partners to our clients above and beyond that, our relationship with Alveo has actually helped us grow our own client relationships because we've been able to quickly demonstrate value and understanding of where they sit in the market.

How is Alveo different than other firms you've used in the past?

Sarah Mead: What I really appreciate about Alveo is the intentionality with which they approach their work. You can tell that they are incredibly thoughtful with how and why they think about the strategies that they do and they, and they're very skilled at thinking holistically about a client and where they sit within the landscape.

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