Francisco Lima Alpha Hippie Testimonial

September 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Francisco Lima

Francisco Lima: Hi guys my name is Francisco and uh I'm speaking from San Clemente, California and then to them going to share with you guys um what's happening actually yeah in my life and then why I decided work with Alpha Hippie. So like uh three months ago uh I met uh Angelo, we are training uh jujitsu right? And uh doing like our sessions we started like talking about like so many kind of subject and then life, working, relationships, even body, posture. Mhm. And it was like always good conversations, right And And then one day when we are having our jujitsu sessions um Angelo told me what he does and it was really interesting because our conversation was always really good. We had like such a good connection like the same way we are like uh seeing life and then worked with like things and it was like really interesting uh to work with him because the way he was speaking with me like you make me make me think way better, like you opened my eyes and they're like uh working the things I need to work right? Um I had such a lack of confidence like by myself uh and uh it's it was getting my life a little um I was struggling like in some areas of my life and relationship uh uh professional um personal and then like I said like when they started like talk with Angelo I realized like I have like so much to learn and then I've been done this course like at least for like a month and a half. And then I'm like so happy with the outcome would be uh I shift and then I am looking for continuous and then to do what I need to do to get my myself better. So so far I'm like so happy. I'm like he's still working my confident like in my relationship isn't the Yes. So far. Uh I'm happy that I highly recommend Alpha. Hippie before like everyone nature to improve it and any areas of their lives, like professional, personal, relationships. And then yeah. So so if I want to say thank you so much for Angelo and Ryan for the guidance and then they support and then I'm looking for to learn way more from them. So thank you so much. I appreciate you guys. Bye bye.

Where have you seen the biggest improvements in your life having now completed the program?

Francisco Lima: The biggest improvement is in my relationships. Uh, I can tell uh, my relationship with my wife is way better. My relationship with the sort of my friends that is getting better. I feel, um, I feel comfortable when there was uncomfortable before and then I'm confident, like building my confidence about how to take a decision, so I didn't finish the course yet. It's been one, one month and a half, but it's it's been such impact in my life. It's it's amazing. Yeah, that's that's really, really good.

What was your biggest hurdle in signing up for the program, and how did you move past it?

Francisco Lima: Actually I didn't have any problem to start the program. Ah as long as I understood what um Angelo does, I got really excited and then I even take twice and then I just say yes because I have a kind of mindset we we never know enough and uh learning that's a process if we're gonna do since our birth onto our death. So yeah, so I'm like uh really open to learn, I'm like to know new things and then always I want to see like how much you can prove uh in my and myself myself. So I didn't have any problems once I knew what he was doing. I just like I I just I want to try, I want to I want to see what's going to happen with me after that. So and then like I said I have like big dreams uh and I was thinking it could be like really important for me to see how professional people uh working and then I might can become like really close to them. No. So I mean I'm so happy that they the decision I made it

What would you tell another man who's considering working with Alpha Hippie?

Francisco Lima: what I would like say is um Alpha Hippie is a really professional um course I think is a everybody else he needs improve, needs to improve anything else um in life, no matter each area I think no matter how successful you are, I think uh no matter of what you have ah gone, so we always have something new to learn. So uh like I said like to me learning that's like a process like we started like since we born and then we're never gonna stop to to learn. So that's why I took a shot and then I'm so happy because it's been so helpful in my life. So I think uh that's what I should like tell another man if you want to learn, if you want to improve like yourself and like no no matter Which area of your life you should try and then I'm pretty sure the outcome is going to be 100% uh positive.

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