Johnny Restrepo Alpha Hippie Testimonial

July 21, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Johnny Restrepo

Johnny Restrepo: What's up fellas? My name is Johnny Restrepo. I'm the owner, of CrossFit ECF here in Western New Jersey. Um The reason why I joined Alpha Hippie this year was because post pandemic uh and the crazy the year that we had in 2020. Um I have been searching in different ways and different avenues as far as how to level up and how to get to the next stage of my life. I am previously annexed corporate IT Uh retire manager who became an entrepreneur and started my own business is uh 10 years ago um has been successful so thus far, thank God in business. Uh but I find that there's other places that I wanted to work on, not just as a father or a husband, but it's just an overall better person. I believe that there's always challenges out there and we can continue to grow for ourselves. And I wanted to find a group that can help me find what those new challenges would be and level up.

Where have you seen the biggest improvements in your life having now completed the program?

Johnny Restrepo: having completed the program, I've now, I'm lucky enough to see that some of the biggest improvements I've made, we're actually setting goals to things that I wanted for myself that I had put into the back burner, thinking that they weren't as important because there were other things that's a priority, the program, uh, Angelo, Markus and the team. What they helped me realize is that we need to not be just successful in the things that we do for everyone around us, but also to find happiness and success and what we want for ourselves. Um, I have continued to improve my businesses and the practices and and what I've been doing, but I've actually set new goals of things that I wanted to do uh 10 years ago that I have been holding off and they're actually now coming to fruition. Uh, I'm in a place where it's about what I want for myself, better in myself, which ultimately helped me to better myself for everyone else around.

What was your biggest hurdle in signing up for the program, and how did you move past it?

Johnny Restrepo: My biggest hurdle signing up to the programme was not the financial side of it. It was more the trust side of it. Um, you know, as an individual, as a grown man, we often find that, you know, can can or is there people out there that can actually see and understand where I'm coming from, relate to the issues and challenges that I have and I have experienced in my life and ultimately be able to provide some positive feedback that will ultimately help me grow. Okay. Um, I found that there is power in numbers. Um, having a team of individuals that you can be open with on a weekly basis, uh, that you can discuss. Your failure is not just your challenges will definitely, or has that finally helped in improving the quality of life.

What would you tell another man who's considering working with Alpha Hippie?

Johnny Restrepo: Mhm. All right fellas. So here's what it comes down to. Whether you're thinking about it. Whether you're considering it. Whether you're trying to ask your wife permission. Okay, Don't Okay. This will literally be the best investment that you will ever make for yourself. Okay, not a single one of us, alumni and Alpha Hippie individuals have completed this program and regretted it. We have all found ourselves in better places, uh, definitely, um, got my money's worth. So don't make it a financial thing because you will definitely get your investment back, 10 fold Um, so whether you're ready to level up through business through career changes, through relationships, uh, to become a better parent, whatever your challenges and or virtues, maybe this program, these guys will definitely do the job and help you get to where you want to get yourself.

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