Joe Fier Alpha Hippie Testimonial

July 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joe Fier

Joe Fier: Hey, what's happening? My name is Joe Fier. And you know, I've been so stoked to find the Alpha Hippie guys and I've been wanting to work with them for a long time. And I think recently I've just noticed there have been some things I've been avoiding, some just simple stuff. Even, you know, when it comes to my personal life in regards of getting in a good routine with things like working out, health, uh, sleep patterns, just kind of just the daily stuff that keeps me healthy and happy. Then also on my business side, there were just certain things with my routines and schedule. I was kind of avoiding. I wouldn't say I was neglecting them, but it was just an avoidance happening. And there were definitely some patterns I was realizing me that I weren't, I wasn't too happy with. So that's why I proceeded to join the Alpha Hippie guys and I'm super stoked that I did.

Where have you seen the biggest improvements in your life having now completed the program?

Joe Fier: So it's been crazy, I would say the biggest improvement since completing the Alpha Hippie Breakthrough training has been just to get out of my own way, to quiet my mind, but also just be here now to not be up here all the time and kind of cycle and spin through things, but actually just focus on what am I truly great at and actually owning that power, knowing that I have the power, I have the ability to break some of these mental patterns uh you know, things from, from my past, but also things I just carry every day here. And I think the biggest thing is that I've realized that I could just let that go and and be present and it's a lot easier, you know, to live life and and go through the routines and not feel like I'm I have to overthink things or I should be overthinking things, but I get to show up and and just kind of flow through things that I was resisting. So I would say that biggest thing is just kind of letting go and being free mentally physically and just so much more happy

What was your biggest hurdle in signing up for the program, and how did you move past it?

Joe Fier: So with me, my my biggest hurdle I would say was just kind of being open with myself and allowing these subconscious thoughts, these deeper thoughts that I've kind of neglected or just haven't really noticed and really realized there, you know, after I uncover them, I realized, hey, this is just me and I can look at my emotions. I can look at these patterns that I was maybe taking for granted and I can actually look at them square in the eye and label them and understand more as like an elevated, like a, like an actual pro man, an adult and not kind of feel stuck in my earlier ways. The things that have taken from my childhood, these patterns that kind of take for granted. I should not be taking my life for granted and going through the process. I've been able to get past that thinking and actually identify what are these patterns, where did they come from? And how do I move past them as a man? And it's so damn easier. And like I said, it's just so much, I'm so much happier as a result. And I would say that my family my business has also benefited from the same thing there.

What would you tell another man who's considering working with Alpha Hippie?

Joe Fier: Man, if you are considering to join Alpha Hippie and go through any of their programs, I completely recommend it. Uh, the guys over there, I completely trust the training is rock solid. They live and breathe this stuff and uh, you know, not only myself, I mean my business partner, I saw the transformation he went through. I've seen what other men have gone through. And it's crazy because we all walk around with very similar patterns and it really isn't until you start to dive into them and actually share them with not only the Alpha Hippie trainers, but also the other men around you and yourself, maybe even your family and those around you. That's when you start to realize we all have these similar thoughts, these patterns, they might be slightly tweaked and our stories are different. But after we identify some of these common things that we're all walking around with or most of us are, you just kind of let them go and that's what I've done and it's just a sense of freedom in this release, like life just becomes easier and it's happier and I feel like things just don't have to be so serious and so tight, so tightly wound. I mean life is here to be lived in everyone around us, we could share that experience is a beautiful thing and when you see that it's like this, this thing, this mask or something over your eyes just gets ripped off and you kind of just like, oh dang, I've been missing out on a lot of these vibrant things in my life that might have just been passing me by without my awareness, so I'm way more present now and I think you as a man, considering this should definitely think about how you're not showing up and how you're not being present in your certain in your, your life and just what a couple of these little tweaks can do. And just reach out to the Alpha Hippie guys. I mean, they will set you up. You will completely should completely trust them. I do. Um I am going deeper with them and I recommend you at least have a chat with them and experience what is possible for yourself. What you might be missing out on because it's not worth missing out on life, man, It's too short. All right, good contact the boys and they'll take care of you. Take care and good luck.

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