The ALLOut Community

October 22, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deron Brod, Software Development Manager Stanley Black & Decker

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

Arthur Hart: Greetings, My name is... Arthur Heart. I'm a business analyst working for E.A Sween Company. I've been working with JD Edwards for about the last 20 years or so!

Heather Phillips: Hello, I'm Heather Phillips and I am the Director of Information Systems at Little Rapids Corporation. We are a paper paper converting company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Deron Brod: Hi, it's Deron Brod from Stanley, Black and Decker.

Christel Craig: Hello, my name is Crystal Craig. I work at Print Pack headquartered in Atlanta, We are a long time ALLOut Security customers.

Michael Perry: Hello, my name is Michael Perry. I'm from Treasury Wine Estates and... I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, so it's currently 2:53 AM in the morning!

Kelly Fabijanic: Hi, this is Kelly Fabijanic I'm an existing customer and I just wanted to say that all the staff at ALLOut Security are the most helpful people in the world.

What you do you like about ALLOut education sessions?

Arthur Hart: I know that when I go to an ALLOut education session, I'm going to get top quality information straight.

Kelly Fabijanic: I love all the sessions that I've seen from them, even ones I've seen more than once!

Heather Phillips: So what is the best take away from an ALLOut education session? I think the number one takeaway that always sticks with me is to make sure you have the *PUBLIC Deny ALL role enabled. We thought we were doing something great by denying it at an individual level, because then we could see that, Yep, everybody has Deny All. But the problem with that is you could always miss one... So we did finally implement *PUBLIC Deny ALL Yes!

What's your favourite thing about ALLOut?

Michael Perry: My favorite thing about ALLOut is that my CNC team LOVE IT. they love the ease of use, the ability to drill down into any security dispatches or issues, the auditing etc. They absolutely love it!

Arthur Hart: The best thing from ALLOut to learn is security in JDE - no doubt about it As security morphs, it's always best to hear what ALLOut thinks about the changes.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Kelly Fabijanic: I'm really looking forward to digging my way through the new training academy. I'm glad you've done that new and exciting thing!

Heather Phillips: I really miss in person events, but there's going to be a plug meeting next week, so I will get to see at least one of the ALLOut people there, so I'm looking forward to it!

Deron Brod: and uh fun and excitement. I hope you guys are doing well, hope that you're having a good conference, Very much looking forward to seeing you all in person at the lovely MGM uh next year at blueprint, uh, whatever it's called at uh the conference formerly known as collaborate. So see you soon and be well.

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